Advanced beginner - Toaster Sweater

Advanced beginner - Toaster Sweater

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  • Advanced Beginner

The Toaster Sweater by Sew House 7 is a great introduction for sewing knits. In this class you will make version 2 with a boat style neckline. You'll learn to work with knits, sew them on a regular sewing machine with a ball point needle, sew straight seams, insert sleeves and sew mitered corners. Some toaster classes are done in one session, others are two sessions. Please be sure you check the date to know if you are scheduled for 1 or 2 sessions. 

Note: To save time and space for your fellow sewists, please arrange to collect your pattern and cut your pattern out before class. If you are not able to collect your pattern, please let us know and we will mail it to you!  We encourage you to stop into the shop before class for help cutting out your fabric if needed. 

Skills you will learn

The skills you will learn in this class are how to sew with knit fabrics, including learning about various types of knits such as jersey, ponte and sweatshirt knits, learning various needle choices for sewing knits and learning to cut and sew your Toaster Sweater.

Skills expected:

You've taken one of our intro to sewing classes or have the equivalent amount of experience. You have some basic garment sewing experience such as a pullover top or a-line skirt. You know how to thread and use a sewing machine. You've sewn within the last 2 years. You will not be taught to sew in this class so please be sure you already know how to sew!

Materials neededMedium weight jersey knit fabric, sweatshirt fleece, ponte or wool knit. See the pattern yardage for your size. (The sample pictured in wool and you can also choose a wool.)

Materials providedThe Toaster Sweater sewing pattern, a sewing machine, coordinating thread, fabric shears, pins, marking tools, measuring tape, an iron and ironing board.

Minimum and max number of people for class: Min 3 / Max 8

Instructor: Kari