Sew Happy Color - Paint Your Fabric - with Katie Kortman

Sew Happy Color - Paint Your Fabric - with Katie Kortman

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The one and only Katie Kortman is back at Topstitch to show us all how to infuse color and happiness into our me-made wardrobe! An accomplished artist, sewist, teacher, and textile designer, Katie will give a color theory talk and demonstrate designing and painting on a plain fabric ground. Included in your class, student will receive 1.5 yards of brussels washer linen which is a linen / rayon blend as well as a PDF Topstitch Essential Shirt pattern. This is a one evening, 4 hour workshop. 

The workshop will begin with a "Wardrobe Color Theory" talk. Afterwards, Katie with guide you through her fabric design process and show you how to bring your fabric to life with paint and color. Time permitting, we look forward to everyone doing their best #handmadehustle with Katie and taking lots of pics with her. 

YOU WILL NOT BE SEWING IN THIS CLASS! Each student will receive the Topstitch Essential Shirt PDF pattern, which can be used to make an excellent top after class. 

Skills expected:


Materials needed: None!

Materials provided1.5 yards of prepared for dye linen fabric, paints, paint brushes, and Katie's color theory handouts to take home

Minimum and max number of people for class: Min 4 / Max 10

InstructorKatie Kortman!!