Woodland Finishing Kit

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The Woodland Finishing Kit comes with everything to complete this project except for the fabric! All leather is cut & hole-punched.

- (1) 12" Brass Zipper
- (6) Metal Rivets (1 Extra included!)
- (2) Leather Tabs: 3" x 3/4"
- (1) Leather Zipper Pull
- (1) Sew-in ‘I MADE THIS!’ label
- Link to download digital sewing pattern
- Template for drafting fabric & leather yourself
- Access to pattern resources page, including video tutorials

Tools Needed (Not included)
- Hammer
- Hard surface such as anvil, stone or metal
- Hole punch for fabric (Chose from the following): 3/32" drive punch, rotary leather punch, awl, hammer & nail (to make hole), or industrial hand press with correct dies
- If using a drive punch, you’ll need a mallet & cutting board