Sajou Sewing Set

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It contains all the essentials for everyday needs.


  • a pair of scissors, - A nickel-plated thimble,
  • a Sajou blue tape measure,
  • a small seam ripper,
  • a box of 200 extra-fine dressmakers pins N°4,
  • six cocoons of polyester thread, including a black, a white, a grey and three bright colours. Each cocoon contains about 150 metres of thread,
  • a booklet of 20 assorted sewing needles,
  • three cards for ribbons or threads.

The box consists of two trays, the top one with two small Sajou ribbons can be removed. It is covered with one of our white and blue papers. Motifs can vary. 

Size of box: length 15.5 cm - width 12 cm - height 5.5 cm.

All the products in this sewing set are MADE IN FRANCE.