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Class Levels

Our classes are one of 4 levels:

1 beginner

  • no sewing experience expected or required at all
  • a sewing machine may as well be an object from outer space
  • reading a sewing pattern is like reading Japanese (assuming you don’t know Japanese)
  • you’ve never pinned or cut fabric with the intention of sewing it

2 advanced beginner

  • you have some sewing experience and have used a sewing machine within the last two years
  • you understand the parts of a sewing machine and how to use them
  • you know how to thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin
  • you understand how to sew to a particular seam allowance
  • you can sew a straight stitch 
  • you’ve sewn a few craft projects and possibly some simple garments

3 intermediate

  • you know how to do all of the advanced beginner skills listed above
  • you’ve sewn some craft projects and possibly some advanced beginner garments
  • you know how to sew curves and pivot at corners
  • you can read a commercial sewing pattern
  • you know how to sew darts
  • you know how to set sleeves 
  • you know a few hemming techniques
  • you can create a buttonhole
  • you’ve sewn pockets 
  • you know how to sew on a waistband
  • you know how to sew on bias binding

4 advanced

  • you know how to do all of the intermediate skills listed above
  • you know how to insert an invisible zipper
  • you know how to use facings and line a garment
  • you know how to use interfacings
  • you’ve sewn with various types of fabrics 
  • you can sew collars and cuffs
  • you are capable of small fitting adjustments 
  • you are curious about advanced dressmaking, tailoring and fitting techniques