Class Policies

Class policy:
We do not offer a refund on classes. If necessary, you can instead put that fee towards a future class that has available spaces. You must give 3 full days notice if you need to cancel your space in class. You will forfeit your payment completely if giving less than 3 full days notice (72 hours to be specific!) You can only put the canceled fee towards a class of equal or less monetary value and receive a credit for any balance due on the new class.
We take every measure to provide a safe environment at our store and in our sewing and craft classes. By signing up for a sewing or craft class, using our studio for open sewing, or for sewing related events, for yourself or your child, you acknowledge that sewing and craft making can involve using a sewing machine, sewing machine needles, hand sewing needles, scissors, irons, pins, rotary cutters and hot glue. You acknowledge all of these machines and tools and supplies involve a risk of injury. You agree to release any liability from Topstitch Studio, LLC, its owner, class instructors and all employees regarding any claims of injury that could arise from your own or your child’s participation in any class or event at Topstitch Studio. You agree to seek medical treatment on your own terms and at your own expense in the event of any injury.
Class Tardiness:
We expect all students to be on time for class. We schedule enough time appropriate to teach and sew a particular project and one person’s tardiness can throw off the entire class! If you are running late, please call the shop: 404-228-7243. If you are running more than 15 minutes late to class, you won't be able to join the class. That may sound a bit harsh, but it would be unfair to others to stop class and start at the beginning or allow others to lag behind and wait due to tardiness. We hope you understand! Our shared parking lot is small and can get full quickly in the evenings. There is free street parking on Mead Road and Olympic Place. Please allow for enough time to park.
Class Level Policy:
Please choose a class appropriate for your level. Before you can take any level 2-4 classes, you must have taken one of our level 1 classes or an equivalent class within the last two years. We do not teach students how to sew in level 2-4 classes. If you do not know how to sew, but select a class level 2-4, you will politely be excused from class and asked to return another time for a level 1 class.