Advanced Beginner - Dressmaking

Advanced Beginner - Dressmaking

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  • Advanced Beginner

In our advanced beginner dressmaking class, students can choose to make either the Farrow Dress, Stevie or River dress. Each of these patterns are great advanced beginner sewing patterns, ones that bridge the gap between the simplest of garment patterns and more advanced dressmaking patterns. Designed with everyday wear in mind, each of these dresses features a slightly boxy shape for a flattering, comfortable fit. Pattern and sewing tools included at class.

Note: To save time and space for your fellow sewists, cut your pattern out before class. During check out, please add a note which pattern you choose and it will be mailed to you. If you are taking the Capsule series, you can pick out your pattern during the 1st session.  We encourage you to stop into the shop before class for help cutting out your fabric if needed. 

Fabric not included. Check the pattern back for fabric yardage required for your size. Bring your pre-washed fabric to class. 

*This class is also part of our Capsule Wardrobe series but can be taken separately from the series as well.

The main image shown here is the Stevie dress. 

Skills expected:

You've taken one of our intro to sewing classes or have the equivalent amount of experience. You have some basic garment sewing experience such as a pullover top or a-line skirt. You know how to thread and use a sewing machine. You've sewn within the last 2 years. You will not be taught to sew in this class so please be sure you already know how to sew!

Materials neededSee your required fabric yardage on the back of the pattern and bring your fabric pre-washed to class.

Materials providedThe Farrow, Stevie or River pattern, a sewing machine, coordinating thread, fabric shears, pins, marking tools, measuring tape and an iron.

Minimum and max number of people for class: Min 4 / Max 6