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Kids Sewing - Pencil Roll

Kids Sewing - Pencil Roll

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  • Beginner

Kids 8 years old & up are welcome to join us in sewing a pencil roll. In this class your child will learn some sewing basics, including learning the parts of the sewing machine, cutting fabric, sewing a straight line, adding a tie and turning corners. We'll provide the pattern and specific instructions and guide your child along the way to making a pillowcase. 

Please just tick the box that says they are 18. Please include in the notes how old the child is and if they have sewn before. All parents will need to sign a liability waiver at drop off before the child can attend the class. 

Skills you will learn

The skills your child will learn in the class are how to understand a sewing machine, the concept of seam allowance and how to sew to a particular seam allowance, how to pin and cut fabric, how to sew in a straight line and how to sew corners.

Skills expected: None, just an open mind.

Materials needed: None, we will provide pre-cut fabric pattern pieces. 

Materials providedThe sewing pattern, a sewing machine, sewing thread, fabric shears, pins, marking tools, an iron and ironing board.

Minimum and max number of people for class: Min 3 / Max 6