Mini Sashiko Sampler

Mini Sashiko Sampler

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This sashiko sampler kit combines bold patterns with the classic sashiko pairing of blue fabric and white thread in an super easy kit. Each kit includes a variety of six patterns giving you a chance to practice your stitching and explore the world of sashiko patterns. Sashiko is a Japanese technique of functional embroidery originally developed to patch and insulate clothing. 

It's doesn't get much easier than this! The patterns are printed right on a canvas fabric, so just follow along the printed lines. The thread covers the lines nicely. No embroidery hoop necessary. That's one of the best parts of sashiko- it's simplicity. All you need is right here (plus some scissors).  Perfect for the curious beginner or skilled maker looking for a fun project.

Use this kit to make a set of coasters, sachets, mini quilt or a pretty cool patch. 

Kit Includes
+ Six 4" fabric squares printed on linen cotton 
+ 100% cotton sashiko thread
+ set of Olympus sashiko needles
+ minimal, easy to follow instructions 

*Image and kits used in class by Miniature Rhino