Topstitch Sewcial Club

Topstitch Sewcial Club

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As a member of the Topstitch Sewcial Club, you’ll receive:

  • 1 PDF pattern per month that is either a garment or accessory
  • Access to exclusive fabrics available to club members before anyone else
  • An exclusive monthly newsletter sent just to Sewcial Club Members on the 1st day of each month!
  • A Quarterly shopping event (in-store or online!) with special discounts exclusive to club members
  • Access to our new exclusive private Facebook group where you can virtually meet other club members, share your makes, and offer one another support and encouragement!
  • If you choose "subscribe and save" option, you will be automatically re-charged for your subscription on the first of each month. 
  • Your password to view and purchase the fabrics will be emailed within 24 hours of your order

January club members will receive the Cornell Shirt by Elbe Textiles pdf pattern and access to some exclusive fabrics!

Aren't you just sew excited? Join now for loads of Topstitch exclusives and some killer perks. We can’t wait to have you in our club!

    There are absolutely no obligations past the month you have purchased, and you can drop the membership or pick it up whenever you see fit!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will I get exclusive access to?

    As part of the Topstitch Sewcial Club, you'll receive one free PDF-Pattern per month from some of our favorite indie pattern brands which you can show off in our private Facebook Group which will only be open to current members!

    You will also have access to certain fabrics exclusive to the group that you can purchase FIRST as part of your membership using a password. You will receive the password after you purchase your membership. The cost of the fabric is not included in the monthly membership fee, but you get dibs on it before anyone else!

    In addition, we will host a quarterly pop-up sale, both online and in-store! This quarterly sale will only be available to club members.

    What level will the patterns be?

    We will alternate various levels each month, so some will be beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

    Is it a one-off payment or a monthly subscription?

    Your membership will automatically renew if you choose the Monthly subscription option. If you would like to manage your subscription, you may do so through your personal profile.

    Do the patterns contain copyshop versions?

    Yes, when the pattern is large enough to warrant a copyshop file! All the PDF patterns we source come with a copyshop version of the pattern, as well as the usual tiled print-at-home file, unless the pattern is small enough to fit on a few single sheets of paper (as is the case with some of our accessory patterns!). That way if you hate the taping together aspect of PDF patterns, you can just send the copyshop file to a local printer!

    If I don't like the pattern, may I swap it out for a different one? 

    No, pdf patterns can't be swapped for another one. 

    What are the exclusive fabrics?

    Many of the fabrics will be custom made for Topstitch or exclusive to Topstitch! In our monthly newsletter will will announce the fabric along with the pattern for the month and we will update this page each month with the monthly club offerings. 

    Can you tell me which patterns and fabrics you will have available for the year?

    No, each month it will be a bit of a surprise leading up to the following month!

    Have more questions? Just email us

    We started Sewcial club in September 2019. Previous sewcial club monthlies were:

    -Sept 2019 - Friday Pattern Company Joan Trousers + Kari Fisher Designs fabrics

    - Oct 2019 - Halfmoon Atelier Vodel Dress + Sara Neuberger Designs

    - Nov 2019 - Untitled Thoughts Olive Jumpsuit + Jordan Kady Designs